WIZARD'S CHRISTMAS - December's Limited Edition Box

WIZARD'S CHRISTMAS - December's Limited Edition Box 0


Inspired by our favorite fandom of all, Harry Potter!

NOTE: this is a pre-sale; all boxes ship on the 30th of November! If possible, we will try to ship international boxes sooner, but cannot make any guarantees.

There will be 2 OPTIONS:

* These boxes will weight 3-5 lbs and international shipping is going to be higher than ordering individual candles as US Postal Service charges per lb. *

  • Demi-Fae Box - $29.95 + shipping.
    • 4 Different Candles - Sizes/Qty/style will vary each month. (Mix of 2oz and 4oz)
    • 2 Other Items (items may vary from High Fae)
    • Total of 6 items!
  • High-Fae Box - $49.95 + shipping.
    • 8 Different Candles - Sizes/Qty/style will vary each month. (Mix of 2oz and 4oz)
    • 3 Other Items (items may vary from Demi-Fae, but would be of higher value merch)
    • Total of 11 items!
Box goes up for sale

Wednesday, November 1st @ 12 P.M. CST
Limited Quantities, Until Sold Out!

* Discount codes do not apply, sorry =(
but can be applied to additional items in your cart.

This box (as mentioned above) will have two options! Our boxes may alter in quantities of merch per month so always be sure to check details when purchasing.

These are not for full-size candles, however, a one-time sale the first of the following month, all previous month's limited edition candles will be available in all sizes/containers in limited quantities until sold out. If we have any leftover limited edition merchandise, we will also have those up for sale until sold out.

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Limited Edition SALE - 'Bloodlust' Box

Limited Edition SALE - 'Bloodlust' Box 0


One-Time Sale Until Sold Out!
BLOODLUST - October's Limited Editions

Get a FREE Twilight Bookmark - On orders with Bloodlust Limited Edition merchandise above $25.00 before shipping.

Bookmark is double-sided; approx. 6"x2" - laminated - with rounded corners.

NOTE: This sale is for specific candles or merchandise that was in our previous limited edition box, but there are a few High Fae boxes still available >>> CLICK HERE to buy the High Fae Box.


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NEW Candles & Anime Exclusives

NEW Candles & Anime Exclusives 0

Lots of new candles will be added today, Friday August 18th, at 5:00 PM CST. We expected to bring them to you by 2:00 PM CST, but many of the designs had errors we needed to correct.

We expect to add approximately 60 different candles! Here's a few examples to look forward to! =)




Again, These are just a few examples of the ~ 60 candles that are to come today!


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