Our teas, art prints and wax melts are back! We will be releasing select products throughout the month. Next restock: March 20th for additional teas and art prints.


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Here at A Court of Candles...

We strive to create high quality products and excellent customer service! We bring your favorite fictional characters and scenes to life... from soy candles to wax melts; body washes to room sprays; bomb baths to lotions; and now our newest Teahouse Collection! We even do Limited Editions every month to cover more fandoms, and Custom Products! You may have even spotted our products in one of your monthly subscription boxes! No matter what, we will always continue to improve and create amazing goods for your fandom needs!

All items are handmade in small batches for highest quality; your orders will always be carefully packed and shipped with love!

Soy Candles

All of our candles are vegan, and made by hand in small batches. We use high quality fragrances, eco-friendly cotton wicks, and premium soy wax void of harmful chemicals. Soy wax is environmentally-friendly, easy to wipe if spilled, and burns cleaner than other waxes. All waxes, oils, wicks and dyes are free of pesticides, herbicides and are cruelty-free!

NOTE: Soy wax is clean burning; frosting, cracking, and dipping on the surface is common. Each candle is hand-poured in small batches. Because of this, there may be slight variations in appearance, and color. These attributes will not affect the candle's scent throw.

Soy Candles
Limited Editions

Limited Editions

Each month, we release limited editions and/or special editions. These are usually part of a monthly Limited Edition box, or during our limited quantity sale after boxes are distributed. Once sold out, they wouldn't be stocked on a normal basis. Occasionally, we will bring a few limited editions back randomly.